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So, the family room is very green now. Lisa and Scott took down the wall paper when I was mowing the lawn last weekend. It took a while to get the room ready to paint, but it definitely looks better now than it did with the flowery wall paper up.

The Highlander Bicycle Tour is Saturday. I won't be riding in it. I have been running though, so I don't feel quite so guilty.

Eric's house is nearly done. He is down there now wiring stuff up. Hopefully it's be done before the end of the month, since that is when he has to have all his stuff out of storage.

Carley is sick. She thought she had allergies, but it turns out she doesn't. She is getting better, but she doesn't want to infect me or the guys riding on Saturday, so I can't see her til Friday :(

Back to figuring out how to make my fortune...
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It's been 19 weeks since my last update...

...I know that, because Jeremy and wait felt compelled to let me know via email. Thanks guys. Not a whole lot going on. Overtime is finally over... and wouldnt'ya know it: the day after OT ends, I get sick. I guess that's good though. Better after than during.

I got a new bed. It is good.

The dog is crazy, but that's not new.

The cat is found her guts. She now will go into the kitchen when the dog is there.


I was at RIT last night for work. I was there with a couple of guys from work. We were talking about our job, and what we do, and why these kids should come work for us. It was interesting, though not too many people showed up. We didn't expect that many folks though, so it was ok. I did feel very nostalgic though. It almost made me wish I was back in college. I have thought about going back for a graduate degree, but it's a lot of work, for what? I know that if I want to run the company someday, I'll need a graduate degree, but I doubt that I'll run the company, so I dunno. Maybe I'll decide before next fall.
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So, I'm looking for a new cell phone. Mine is about 2 years old and it's starting to show it's age. It's sad, really. A cell phone should last a lot longer than 2 years.

Problem: I can't find a cell phone (from any provider) that meets my requirements. They are pretty simple:
  • Clamshell (flip) phone
  • External LCD
  • ~6 hours of talk time
  • The killer: NO CAMERA

Doesn't anybody make any phones *without* cameras anymore? Ugh.

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Yup, a new entry...

Things are going pretty well. I slept absolutely horribly last night... correction: I didn't sleep last night. I got a call from Bret around midnight, and couldn't fall back to sleep. I am definitely feeling the effects this morning, but there was no sense in staying home since I couldn't sleep. Bah!

Things are going very well with Carley and me. Her birthday is today and I am supposed to be cooking a nice dinner for her. We'll see how that goes :) I got a good recipe from gottacook, and hopefully that'll razzle-dazzle her.

Time for lots of hot tea and relaxation... or something like that.

Oh yeah: Go Eagles!