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So, the family room is very green now. Lisa and Scott took down the wall paper when I was mowing the lawn last weekend. It took a while to get the room ready to paint, but it definitely looks better now than it did with the flowery wall paper up.

The Highlander Bicycle Tour is Saturday. I won't be riding in it. I have been running though, so I don't feel quite so guilty.

Eric's house is nearly done. He is down there now wiring stuff up. Hopefully it's be done before the end of the month, since that is when he has to have all his stuff out of storage.

Carley is sick. She thought she had allergies, but it turns out she doesn't. She is getting better, but she doesn't want to infect me or the guys riding on Saturday, so I can't see her til Friday :(

Back to figuring out how to make my fortune...
Tags: home improvement

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