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Why my new oven is better than my old oven.. I was able to fit all of the following items in my oven at the same time:
  • 22 lb turkey

  • 13x9x2 pan (sweet potato casserole)

  • 8x8x5 dish (green bean casserole)

  • bread loaf pan (extra stuffing)

  • cookie sheet with 20 rolls on it

Last year, with the old oven, I could only fit the turkey and the extra stuffing in at the same time.


So, I have started my Christmas shopping this week. 2 weeks to spare! Go me :) Problem: I don't know what to get anyone, and the people for whom I am shopping aren't good at getting back to me with what they want (an $8k camera lens doesn't count!). My biggest problem is shopping for my 23-year-old female cousin. She doesn't wear a lot of jewelry, so that's out. I don't see her often enough to know what she likes/dislikes, so I thought of the whole gift certificate thing, but to where?! Any thoughts? Gracias!
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Spencer (11 weeks)

Another date...

Tonight's date went much better than last Saturday's date. This girl was funny, smart, charming, pretty and a general all around nice girl. Hopefully she thought the same thing about me :)

Too young...

I got a phone call this afternoon. It went like this:

Me: Hello?
Girl: Hi, my name is <girl's name>, calling from <company-name>. We'd like to come give you an estimate on new windows for you home.
Me: Thanks, but I have new windows coming in a few weeks.
Girl: Oh? How old are your windows?
Me: 40 years.
Girl: You're replacing all of them?
Me: Yup.
Girl: Did you sign a contract?
Me: Yup.
Girl: You're the owner of the house?
Me: Yes.
Girl: Are you sure?
Me: Uh huh.
Girl: Oh, because you sound too young to own a house.
Me: Yeah...

Seriously, how young do I sound? How young is too young to own your own house?
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(no subject)

I got this email in regards to my little incident yesterday.
Hi Travis, I noticed when you replied to Holly for the team building meeting that you copied in everyone on your response. As the fiii training coordinator, I think I can help you. I have a remedial Outlook training course I would like you to consider attending. It covers topics such as replying to messages, replying to all and other basic topics. I encourage your participation and look forward to hearing from you about his important class. Thanks, Tim
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Huh, it looks like LJ change the web posting interface since the last time I posted. Interesting.

It looks like BAR painted their car for the race in Shanghai this weekend. It is uber cool looking.

I should be trying to be more productive at work right now, but I had a big lunch, and all I want is a nap.
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(no subject)

Wow, I just realized I haven't written anything in here since August. That was a *long* time ago. I have tons of stuff going on at work, which is good and bad.

Apparently I never mentioned that I have a cat now. She and the dog are getting along reasonably well. She's beating up on him, and he's giving her toys which are twice her size. It's rather amsuing.

The deck is all torn down and the windows have been measured (for replacements). Glen got a hottub, and now I need one. Wow, it is SO nice. If I get all my chores done today, I may have to swing over there for a dip :)
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(no subject)

I went to a good, old fashion football (not american football) game last night with Jer and a couple of his coworkers. It was kinda fun, thought everytime I looked away was when my team scored. D'oh. It also didn't help that the jumbo-tron wasn't so jumbo and was of poor quality! I did enjoy the outting though... Wednesday nights need more outings.
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Last day for ultimate...

I woke up at 8:30 this morning so I could eat breakfast and be at the field by 9:30. That actually worked out quite well, though I forgot to start my laundry and now I have 2 load that need to be finished before tomorrow. D'oh!

The first game started off pretty lousy and we went down 4-0. We managed a stellar comeback and finished ahead 12-7, or something similar. Regardless of the score, we had won and were going into the championship game.

1 hour and 30 minutes later, the championship game starts. The other team was playing phenomenally well. We ended up losing 11-7, or something similar. They were a good team though, and I don't feel so bad for losing to them. The shirts they got for winning weren't so great either, so it's all good :)
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